HGTV loves shiplap. And so do we! However, even shiplap has a con list. For fun, let’s start with the pro list. Shiplap is an easy install. Easy enough that you may be able to do it yourself (save that money!). It brightens and adds interest to a room. Real shiplap can be pricey, but there are ways to get around the cost and still have it look great. Consider plywood or MDF. Lowes or Home Depot will cut it into strips for you, but if you are handy and have the right tools (or have some handy friends) consider cutting them yourself. Whether you decide to go with real shiplap or the faux DIY kind, it will look great in pretty much any room in your house. You can install it on walls, around fireplaces, even on ceilings. Use it as a kitchen backsplash or in a bathroom (just remember to use the right paint/finish to protect from moisture and stains). Shiplap can be painted or stained any color, although white is the most common color choice. Now, for the con list. We must admit, it is a small list. The biggest complaint about shiplap is the dust. Shiplap has gaps and grooves and will attract dust, there is no way around it. Oftentimes, if not cleaned properly and on a regular basis, the dust builds up and can make it look dirty. This would be something to consider if the plan is to install on the ceiling. Suppose you decide to DIY install your own shiplap wall. This is a great money saving plan, but proceed with caution. If not installed correctly it can warp over time. Again, if installed as a backsplash or in a bathroom, make sure the right finish is applied so no moisture can get in resulting in mold or rot. Take into account the style of your home before installing. Will shiplap match your floors and furniture? Will it work for your space? If we are being honest, we think shiplap will fit into most spaces. It will add interest, style and value to your home. For us, shiplap is always a yes!

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