The living room is often the main room for gathering and relaxing with family and friends.
However, it’s difficult to relax in a room that is cluttered and chaotic. If you have a small living
room it is especially challenging to keep it organized and uncluttered. Here are a few tips we
have learned along the way which may help you too!

Multi-purpose furniture is an invaluable investment to your organizing needs. Think coffee table,
end tables or an ottoman with closed storage to help organize and hide the things you need but
don’t necessarily need in sight. There are so many options available in storage furniture. You
can really accentuate your style with these pieces.

Make good use of your wall space. Strategically placed floating shelves are great for housing
books, decorative items, pictures frames or small plants. Small baskets or bins work great here
as well to hide a bit of clutter. A wall shelf ladder or blanket ladder can be a clever option to
organize those sofa blankets.

What about your table surfaces? They seem to gather clutter by the minute. A stylish tray on
your coffee table or end tables can help contain things like remote controls, pens or other items
that seem to gravitate to the table. Another great option is using a pretty vase to house those
same items and save some of your surface space.

The thought of organizing and decluttering can feel overwhelming. With so many ideas floating
around out there it’s hard to narrow down what would work in your space. Hopefully you have
found some of these ideas helpful to get you started in your quest to create an organized,
uncluttered and relaxing space that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Happy
organizing to you!

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