Have you been looking at your front porch and thinking this space needs an overhaul. However, your budget doesn’t agree? Well don’t give up your dream just yet. Here are a few ideas that can totally refresh your front porch that your budget will barely notice.

Plants. Plants are not only beautiful, they also lend to a relaxing, peaceful environment. Just a few plants of varying sizes and textures in cute pots in the corner might be just what you need. Your front door could also host a beautiful arrangement of plants in the form of a gorgeous wreath.

Pillows. Perhaps you’re not quite ready to buy new porch furniture. You could simply buy a few outdoor throw pillows. This is a really fun, inexpensive way to completely change the look of your furniture. Whatever feel you’re going for, there’s a pillow out there to express it!

Rugs. Replacing your doorstep rug is a quick fix for an instant refresh. You may even want to try layering a larger rug under your doorstep rug for added texture. An area rug is another simple solution to hide the floor of your porch that you might not be ready to repaint or restain. Rugs, like pillows, are a simple way to make a big difference in the feel of your porch.

Cleaning. Not to be overlooked is a good deep cleaning. In order to really make your porch sparkle and shine just give it a good scrubbing in all the nooks and crannies. You might be surprised what a difference a good cleaning can make.

Refreshing your front doesn’t necessarily need to weigh heavy on your budget. A few small, simple changes can look like a big overhaul without spending too much. Maybe some of these simple ideas will help you reach your redecorating goals!

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