Clarksville Rental Property Inspection

Clarksville Rental Property Ordinance

Clarksville Indiana recently passed an ordinance requiring all rental homes and apartment to be inspected when new renters move in and every three years.   The inspection is limited to smoke alarm, CO2, windows, heater, hot water and safety issues.  This inspection provides for the safety of the home of the property owner and offers a safety of the person or family renting.  For example, this independent inspection assures that the property has a smoke alarm, and the alarm is working.  The new Clarksville rental property inspection, will allow for homes to be better kept in the community.  For example, homes with broken windows will have to be repaired.

Rental property owners will be against this, feeling it adds cost and hassles to the operation of the business. Property owners should view this has a positive, allowing for less false claims by renters.  The pre rental inspection process will give property owners protection from false claims of substandard property by those that live in them.  Renters will be assured that they are living in a place that meets safety standards.  The new ordinance does not address cosmetic issues such old carpet or cabinets.

Most property owners will benefit from this ordinance.  With any new law or regulation time will determine the value of it.

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