Crawl Space Vent Covers

Crawl Space vents

Louisville Home Inspected

This is a home Iinspected in the 40218-zip code in Buechel. The inspection was done and completed the first week of November 2022.  The 1,000 square foot house had four vents for the crawl space.  All four of them had concrete blogs covering them up. The purpose of vents is to allow air to flow under the house and inside the crawl space to keep it dry and cool.  The vents should be kept open at all times.  For reasons unknown to the inspector (myself) the vents had been removed and some placed concrete blocks in the opening.  Removing the vent covers was a poor thought.  Without the cover’s rodents, cats, and wild animals could enter the crawlspace and build nest and this causes lots of problems.

The current homeowner, who was selling the house most have thought covering them up in this manner was the best solution.  They could have looked at neighboring homes or done some research online and determined this was not the proper solution.  Not having ventilation in the crawl space can cause moisture, wood damage and structural problems.

Instead, they did nothing and when they decided to sell the home, the new owner is going to require these to be installed.  Installing for of these is a small cost and should have been done years ago.