Metal Roof Inspections Standard part of Home Inspection

Metal Roof Inspection

I inspect a few homes every year with metal roofs.  Metal roofs are presented to buyers has a lifetime product that needs no repairs and offers and upgrade to your home.   Metal roofs cost twice what a thirty-year roof cost.  I sold roofs for a box store and a regional company. My position is these roofs are not worth the added cost.   When it’s time for roof replacement few consumers have funds on hand to cover the purchases.  Often the metal roof will be outside of the homeowner’s budget.  The second issue is the life span of the roof is generally greater than the time period the homeowner plans to live in the house.  Why would you purchase a roof that will last fifty or more years, when you are seventy years old or only planning to live in the home a few more years.

Roof Inspection

When inspecting the metal roof, the inspection should NEVER be on top of the roof, the metal is thin.  Walking on a metal roof surface may damage the roof. Special care is required when walking on metal roofs, you should use plywood, and this will spread the weight load over a larger area.  Metal roofs typically fail from fasteners not being properly installed.  Fastners that hold down the metal panels should be sealed with lifetime caulk before bolts are installed and another layer of caulking should be applied where the bolt and washer fasten to the metal.  Repair of fasteners should be limited to roofing companies that are both insured and that have experience with metal roofs.  Since few roofers have expertise with metal roofs consumers will pay a premium price for repairs.

Gold Home Inspection

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