Outbuilding Inspectioin

Shed Inspection

Outbuildings or shed are not required to be inspected according to home inspection standards.  Gold Home Inspection always inspects these.   The cost of a woodshed has increased in recent years, may of them costing over ten thousand dollars.  Sheds like homes require Maintenace and repairs.  Many sheds that I inspect have reached the end of their life.  Not performing simple and low cost upkeep will limit the life of the shed.   Most common issues I see are missing roof shingles or roofs that leak.  Homeowners will install new roofs on homes, but ignore the shed, thanking they are saving a few dollars.  The second issues is Maintenace of the exterior surface generally wood.  Wood surfaces need to be painted or sealed.  This will protect them from the weather, water and insects.

Another area of required repairs are doors.  The weight of the door most be properly supported, if not the door will fail.

Gold Home Inspection

Has a service to our clients we inspect all outbuildings and always encourage clients to keep these buildings maintained.   Few people release how valuable they are and few are prepared for the cost to have them turn down.

Missing roof shingles

Missing Shingles

Exterior surface needs to be stained or painted

Exterior needs to be stained or painted

Doros need to be stained and hinges repaired

Doors need to be stained and hinges repaired