Tankless hot water heaters

tankless hot water


Recently I visited a multi-family property that had tankless water heaters.  First, a tankless water heater is just that.  These unit do not store hot water, rather they make it upon demand.  The units are much smaller than normal water heaters, that hold forty gallons and take up a closet.  Since the only produce hot water upon request, no energy is wasted heating water that is stored then cooled.  Tankless water heaters, also have a longer life.  The longer life can best be explained by in that water is only heated when required, so the unit runs less.  Tankless heaters can be fueled by both gas and electric.  Gas units require venting in the same manner has high-efficiency gas furnaces.

Tankless hot water cost approximately double what a regular system cost.  The advantage is they last much longer and use less energy.  Hot water is the number two consumer of home energy behind heat and air.   If you plan to stay in your property, tankless is an option worth considering.

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