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Gold Home Inspection

Gold Home Inspection is pleased to offer several types of home inspections.     For more information call or text 502.356.0042


Decks are the number one source of home injuries. We inspect the structure of the deck ,steps, railings, foundations and supports.   Inspections are mainly visual and may include a remote control vehicle, which is used to inspect under decks that have limited clearance.  In practice I seldom find a deck that does not have deficiencies.

GARaGE doors

Garage doors are the second leading cause of home injuries we inspect the door, safety system, auto reverse, wall switches and load springs.  We also inspect the electrical, windows and other parts of the garage.  I have found that occupied homes have “property of the seller” that limits the scope of the inspection.



We inspect the entire electric system, breaker service, exterior electric lighting and power sources. Interior plugs and switches, lighting, GFI’s, bathroom fans, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide. Common electrical problems, are breaker panels, GFI, exposed wiring,  smoke dectors and homeowner updated wiring.


We inspect hot water, all facets, toilet tubs, showers, sinks, facets and water lines and drains. Cast Iron pipes require considerable review.  We inspect exterior hose bibbs. Drains are tested by running the water for considerable period of time.




Foundation and exterior walls are inspected.  Driveways, porches and walkways are part of this analysis.  Foundation repairs are very complex and very expensive.   I consider the inspection of the foundation one of the most important task of any Home Inspector in Louisville, KY.


  Roof inspections include the shingles, roof valleys, flashings and skylights.  Gutters and other water drainage components are inspected. I have advanced training in roofs experience in Home Inspection Louisville KY.