We like to keep busy and do this by offering a great product at a fair price. We keep prices low by doing several things, the owner answers the phone and we do not have to pay an expensive franchise fee or reservation system and I run the business out of my home office.  Keep cost down allows me to spend considerable time with every client.  Franchise companies, will have home inspectors working on four or five homes per day.  This policy yields poor inspections and no time to spend with the client. I have an online scheduling system, but less than one in ten people use it.  We schedule appointments at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm Monday – Friday and at 10:00 am on Saturday. If you need another time, I will adjust for you. Most customer recognize the large investment they are making in a home and elect to go with a high level of service and choose the GOLD package, which includes radon testing and inspection for termites. Last year, seventy one percent of my clients purchased this package. Pricing shown is for check/cash, with a three precent service charge added for credit cards. First time home buyers, police, activity members of armed services also receive a discount.  Payment is required before inspections can be released. Condos and patio homes receive a twenty five percent discount.  For multi-family and commercial work, pricing please call 502.356.0042.  Inspections are not released until payment is made. My PayPal and Zella account are below:

Home Inspection Warranty

I have spent a considerable amount of time studying warranties that home inspection companies offer.  Several companies offer Home Inspection warranties on HVAC systems, sewer system, appliances and much more.  They encourage inspectors to included them with your pricing and none of them will allow you to sell it just when the customer request this.  I decline to offer this for several reasons.  First it seems that most insurance companies seldom honor the policy that they offer.  Second if you provide a quality and complete inspection, no warranty is necessary.  I feel these policies are waste of money for all parties including the home inspector, the buyer of the property and the seller.   Gold Home Inspection provides top quality services and feels these warranties are a waste of money.


Here are a few things to keep in mind and look out for:
Many companies that are new to the industry believe that charging a low price will get them more business, but this often means compromising on quality service, putting your home at risk. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the average price of a home inspection is $450-$550 for a 2,000 sf home, so be cautious of companies offering to perform home inspections for much less.  This was a 2016 study.
Unlicensed and licensed inspectors without proper education & training are common in the home inspection industry because it is very loosely regulated. Some areas, like Washington, D.C., do not license inspectors, and many areas that do offer licenses only require a 72-hour course that does not account for code experience, apprenticeship, past experience, or construction-related experience. Putting your inspection in the hands of someone without proper experience could jeopardize your investment.
Most consumers assume that if an inspector misses something, they can file a claim and hold the inspector responsible. Many home inspection contracts address this issue by limiting the inspector liability to the amount of the inspection fee. By signing a limited liability contract, the customer is agreeing to accept the inspection fee refund as the maximum amount for which the inspector can be held liable.
Although the two are often confused, a code inspection and home inspection are two different things. A code inspection is more limited — it applies only at the time of construction. But a home or real estate inspection focuses on the function of the property overall. An experienced inspector will be able to recognize potential code issues, along with other possible problems on the property, and know how to write a report that addresses those issues. When hiring a home inspector, be sure to understand the difference between these two types of inspections so you can be better prepared when the day of inspection arrives.
Inspection quality can vary significantly from company to company due to the lack of regulation in some areas, unlicensed inspectors, and how easy it is to get into the industry in the first place. Some inspectors won’t perform tasks such as climbing or checking roofs and entering crawl spaces; or invest in technology that helps deliver a higher standard of service like thermal imagers that help diagnose potential hidden defects or drones to reach taller structures.




Square Footage of Home – GOLD PLAN Includes Radon Test and Pest Inspection GOLD PLAN INSPECTION ONLY
0 – 1,000 530 360
1,001 – 1,251 550 350
1,251 – 1,500 570 400
1,500 – 1,750 605 440
1,751 – 2,000 620 455
2,000 – 2,250 630 465
2,250 – 2,500 655 490
2,501 – 2750 645 510
2,751 – 3,000 715 560
3,500 – 4,000 765 600
above 4,000 call


Five Point Service


Reinspection/Second trip 150 150





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