Gold Home Inspection has an affiliate program to allow other home inspectors to use our website.  You can tell we spent countless hours and a considerable investment developing the site.   For those of you that know or understand search engine optimization or SEO, you know the more people that use a site the more powerful the rankings on the site become.  That is why you see franchised home inspection companies with higher rankings than local operators.  The same is true for other industries, especially service sector-based business.  The URL “Gold” is a very difficult name to obtain, easy to recognize and has considerable value to those making decisions.

I own a party rental business and I noticed a few years ago national company and lead generating service ranked higher than my sites.   The way to get around this is to have market your services in several cities.

Our affiliate program is very simple, first we only allow one per city and we give you a link on the front page.  For example, you could be GoldHomeInspection/Chicago.  You would have your own page, your own PayPal links, blog, your own service charges and our own scheduling links.  We require that you be in good standing with your state board and have current insurance.

For new inspectors you have a top-notch website running in a few days for a very small fee.

You can also use our logo, and blog.   If you code your own website, you are going to pay for hosting, domain, word press programing, backlinks and other items.  You are going to have to spend a few hundred dollars on a logo.  Monthly charges for hosting and word press cost in the twenty-to-thirty-dollar ranges, backlinks can cost hundreds of dollars every month and you will spend several hundred hours set up a site this good and several hours every week to work on it.  You could go with one of several franchises, they will provide you an excellent website, along with logos and claim to offer training.  The franchise method will likely cost in the low six figures and require you forward a percentage of your revenue, rather you make a profit or not.  For those of you that know SEO, you know getting a website to rank is a several year process. If you have never done website or SEO work, look up google sandbox effect.

I do not have a bunch of fancy text, graphics, and videos about this.   First five sign ups, $99 per month, NO CONTRACT, cancel anytime.  No price changes for the first 36 months and we only have one person per city.   You can spend more time doing inspections and less time on websites.   Call me to discuss Marty Goldsmith CPI, 502.356.0042