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Home Inspector Louisville KY

Under Marty Goldsmith (license 266196), Gold Home Inspection performs various services for Home Inspectors in Louisville KY.  Provides the following types of home inspectors services, Pre-Purchase Inspection, Buyers Inspection, Section-8 Inspection, investors inspection, home inspector services for insurance companies and hedge funds. All of our client’s receive same day reports and quick scheduling.

Home Inspectors tools and technology

Gold Home Inspection has advanced tools and technology.  Withf this we deliver a better inspection for our customers. So, we have a crawler that goes into crawlspaces and can send live pictures from areas that a person cannot access, I have been able to find water leaks that could not have been located. Professional grade drones are used inspects roofs. Drone inspections are also done on fireplace chimney’s that are not accessible because they require special ladders and have safety concerns under OSHA. Choose a Home Inspectors Louisville KY, that has the combination of experience, technology and the expertise to get the inspection done properly.

Knowledge of Home Inspectors in Louisville KY area

Marty Goldsmith is a lifelong resident of Louisville, KY.  His  knowledge of Louisville KY community and his experience doing inspections brings considerable knowledge of past problems in certain area to each inspection. For example, Hikes Point has a large number of defective and unsafe electrical panels made by Federal Pacific.

Home INspectors louisville on a property on the west side of town that is an investment or rental property. When rented it would generate over one thousand dollars per month in rental income
Inspection of a rental house before inspectors from Section 8 came to inspect the property. Located in Louisville zip code 40208
This is a test of a drain line during an investment property inspection. Home inspector assigned to the task was Marty Goldsmith with Gold Home Inspection

Buyers Inspection

is the most common, when a buyer of the home wants to know more about the condition of the home prior to purchase, commonly called Home Inspection for buyer. We inspect the heat, air, plumbing, electrical, roof foundation, twenty-three different components.  Most buyers elect to have Radon and termite inspections.


Sellers Inspections

are done by the seller of the home, prior to or at the time of listing. The objective of this type of inspection is to find unknown defects in a home before its listed for sale and make necessary repairs and to prevent problems once the home is in escrow.




Radon Inspection

This is a radon test, almost always done by the buyer at the time of the home inspection. Radon is the second largest cause of lung cancer and Kentucky has the nation’s sixth highest rate of Radon. For this reason, we always recommend a radon test be part of every home inspection for buyers.



Termite Inspection

This is always done by the buyer at the time of inspection. The goal of this inspection is to exam the home and structure for evidence of wood destroying termites.  Termite damage can be very expensive and should be part of every home buyers inspection checklist.

Section 8 Inspection

Sometimes called HUD inspection or for rental units that are rented under Section 8. In Section 8 Inspections, safety issues are the major objectives along with meeting all building codes.  I own property under this program, and understand what they are looking for.

Insurance Inspections

Insurance company monitor homes for performance to policy standards.  This includes maintance of the property and occupany of the home.  Gold Home Inspection works with several insurance compaines and third party companies on these requirements.