Chimney Inspection Required for Home Inspection

Chimney Inspection

Standard part of a home inspection KY is the inspection of Chimneys in homes that have fireplaces.   The inspection process is three fold:

Part 1.  Is the inspection of the chimney liner, which is performed from the interior of the house.  This is done by opening the damper and shining a light up the chimney and taking a few pictures.  I have found this is best done by camera. Without a camera the inspector would have to enter the fireplace chamber.

Part 2.  Visual and drone inspection of the chimney.  The exterior of the chimney could be made of brick, stone or wood and should be inspected for any damages or missing components.

Part 3.   Inspection of the chimney cap.  This requires a drone or large ladder to exam the crown or top of the chimney.   Home Inspector that do not have drones, will seldom take this step.  Inspection of the cap is to assure no concrete damage, metal fatigue or other problems.

Proper Chimney Inspections are a key to the safe operation of your fireplace.

Home Inspection KY

First never waive a home inspection.  When selecting a home inspector KY, pick a qualified home inspector with a considerable experience and a board range of knowledge.  Your inspector should have experience and training on every component of your home.  This includes the chimney inspection down to the garbage disposal.  Gold Home Inspection, LLC, is a licensed home inspection company based in Louisville, KY, with considerable experience in home inspection.