Home Inspection Information



This video was filmed in February 2023, at a home owned by a large hedge fund, called SFR3.  I have inspected hundreds of properties for them.  They use Gold Home Inspection, when the purchase a property, to review renovations and repairs and to inspect properties when renters move out.

This company could hire any inspection company. They hired Gold Home Inspection, LLC.  I have been doing deals with SFR3 since 2021 and look forward to a long relationship with them.  We have the expertise to work with large investment companies such has SFR3, Main Street Renewal, JSA Properties, Darwin Group, yet we welcome all homeowners and treat them has a valued customer. Rather a first time buyer or a local investor, we know how to give homes a quality inspection, answer your questions and provide any necessary follow up.

We are members of the Board of Realtors and Kentucky Real Estate Investors Association.

Marty Goldsmith
Kentucky Licensed Home Inspector 266196