Home Inspector Tools

Home Inspection Tools

A clients child asked me today, what kind of tools I use. The answer is several, in my car I have two folding ladders, a drone, a remote-control crawler with a Go-Pro.  I have a bag of hand tools, with a couple of volt meters, a thermal imaging camera.  Other tools included a sewer machine camera, lithium powered flashlights, several pairs of safety glasses and most important some knee pads.  I have a large inventory of tools, which are only for use to access systems.  Has a Home Inspector, I perform NO repairs on homes.

Thermal Imaging Home Inspection

Thermal imaging Home Inspections are done with the aid of a special camera, called a Thermal Imaging camera, that can see through walls and detect changes in temperatures.  I use this camera, to take pictures behind exterior walls and electric panels. I am looking for possible leaks and electric problems.

Tools for Home Inspectors

The tools I use the most are my lithium powered flashlight, my drone for roof inspections, and wall plug checker.  I use those on every inspection.  My most valuable tool is my remote-control crawler.  It’s a four-wheel drive, hobby shop grade off road system, that I added some lights to and a Go-Pro system.   This crawler prevents me from having to crawl under a home.

Home Inspector tools

Marty Goldsmith