Residential Railing Safety

Railing Safety

I see unsafe things in homes every day.  This is an older home that has been nicely redone in the 40212-zip code of Louisville. The second floor built has an unfinished attic has been updated and converted into a nice master bedroom.  The ceiling lines and two brick chimneys would make this an interesting and fun place to live. Ductwork for heat and air has been added along with new lighting and plenty of wall plugs.  The builder or investor missed one major object, the railings.  The existing railing is only sixteen inches tall, and if you fall over it, the drop off is eight feet.  The code for railing height is 32 inches.  This railing should be considered unsafe, and I told the property owner that it was a lawsuit waiting to happen.  The owner did not like, what I told him, but he agreed that the railings need to be taller. Railing safety, both inside and outside the home is part of every home inspection.  Having a rental property inspected by a licensed home inspector is a smart investment that every property owner should consider

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