New Construction Inspection

New Constuction – Is a Home Inspection Needed

Many new home buyers thank they do not need a Home Inspector working for them. In fact, they need one at every step of the building process.  The builder has an incentive to get the house built, has quickly and has cheaply has possible, has a typical home buyer you will never know the difference.  After the fact you will own the problems that sub-contractors left for you.  In this case a $ 600,000 + home in 40245, instead of properly sealing the plumbing vent, several plastic bags got used.  This could allow orders to come into the home and a future buyer will never find the source.  New construction inspections should be performed on every new home, the small cost is well worth the peace of mind that is yields.  I have inspected many new homes and I can honestly say I have never found one that did not have problems.

Common problems in new Constuction inspections center around decks, concrete, cabinet and fixture installation.  Items that require permits including electric, plumbing, and HVAC tend to have better construction, since they have more skilled workers and permit process for these components.  When the roof is installed, the buyer should have an inspector present to observe the proper installation of the shingles, vents and underlayment.  Just “looking good” is not proper installation.

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