Old Ironing Board in the wall

Home Inspection with ironing board in the wall

This was a historical thing to see on today’s home inspection on the South side of Louisville, KY.  Ironing board installed in the wall.  This was a popular item in the home.  Sometime in the 1960’s clothes that did not wrinkle came out and ironing became less common. From the point of view of the home inspector this item has no issues.  I have seen one before that had an electrical plug located inside the unit that did not work.  Hopefully the future homeowner does not remove and drywall over this.

The other thing I enjoy seeing run the wall is old phone holders, that had corded landline telephones.  From time to time, I see these in homes in Louisville zip codes, 40203, 40208, 40210, 40211, and 40212.  I enjoy seeing them. If I had a home with them, I would run a charging port into them and set them up to charge cell phones. I thank they are a interesting conversation piece in any home. I wish mine had one, I should add it to me to do list.

I wonder what the future telephone holder will look like in twenty or fifty years.