Ridge Vent


I was asked today what a ridge vent is and what the purpose.  The home I was inspected earlier in the day had a ridge vent and the buyer asked about it. Ridge vents are vents placed at the top or ridge of the roof that allows a roof to vent and cool better.  Cut into the roof decking, usually about two inches on each side. Thin a plastic cover installed over the new opening and shingles placed on top of them.  Normally run most of the length of the house. This allows attics to be cooler and shingles will last longer under this condition.

Having additional ventilation installed, at the time of a new roof, adds about fifty dollars per linear foot to the cost.  The reason this system is not more common has to do with the cost and buyers knowledge of the product.  For example, if a roof buyer is only going to be in a home five or ten more years, this would not be good use of funds for them.  Benefits of installing a Ridge Vent will not be recovered until near the end of the life cycle of the roof.  The life of the shingle is extended a couple of more years with better ventilation.  When purchasing a new roof, should you install a Ridge Vent, the answer to that depends on how long you plan to stay in the home.


Gold Home Inspection provides quality home inspection services in the Louisville metro area.  Part of the standard home inspection process requires inspection of roof.  We make sure this is properly installed and properly mounted to the roof decking and make sure shingles are properly mounted to the ridge vent.  We inspect roofs through a combination of ground observation, ladder at eaves, on roof inspection and drone.

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Ridge vent

Drone picture of ridge vent