Schneider Electrical Panel Recall

Yesterday, Schneider Electric Panels were recalled.  The recall included about 1.4 million panels made in 2020 – 2022.  Information on the recall is below. Schneider is based in Lexington, KY and in practice I see a large number of these panels.  I have one of these panels in my home.  You can contact the company online.   I completed the online form and was email back with a request for more information.   I supplied the serial number, date of install and copy of receipt for the panel and insulation.  I do not know what the companies next steps are.  I would like to get this matter closed before the end of the calendar year.

I thank this “situation” will end better than the Federal Pacific panels did, has Federal went out of business and you had no recourse against anyone.  Schneider is financially solid and will be able to absorb this.  Considering the large number of Federal Pacific panels still in use, many people will ignore this recall and find themselfs having to purchase new panels upon the sale of their home.

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